Erich J. Reimers // Animation & Motion Design
Animation & Illustration



Hi! I'm Erich, a Freelance animator and ILLUSTRATOR

currently based in Los Angeles. When I'm not hammering out frames on my Cintiq, I enjoy riding my bicycle, watching movies and stand-up comedy, and catching up with friends.

Over the years I have had the privilege of contributing to projects for clients such as Apple Music, IBM and the MTV VMA’s. I have had the pleasure of working with incredible studios, including BUCK, Gentleman Scholar, Roger and Partizan. My work has been featured on WINE after COFFEE and IceCreamHater.

I would love the opportunity to collaborate with you. If you'd like to talk shop with a hard-working, enthusiastic dude that's passionate about all things animation, shoot an email to, or go ahead smash that little envelope at the bottom of the page and hit me up! I look forward to connecting with you!